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About us


The Peterborough Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship exists for a number of reasons, which we have laid out below:


The object of PDEF shall be the advancement of the Christian faith, incorporating the basis of faith set out in our basis of faith.

The steering committee aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for fellowship and learning, a forum for discussion and ways of supporting each other in prayer.

  • Seek to relate to, interact with, and encourage churches in the PDEF, societies and members working within the evangelical constituency and those working within the formal structures of the Church of England – particularly in this Diocese – and also to commend our evangelical convictions to others in neighbouring churches.

  • Promote effective consultation between Anglican evangelical leaders, in order that the evangelical heritage, as expressed in the Basis of Faith, may be better applied to contemporary opportunities and problems in church and nation.

  • Seek primarily to identify key issues, to work for the development of a common mind and concerted action on each; and should this not prove possible, to map out the different views held.

  • Support and work with and for the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) in the Anglican Communion and act as its agent in this diocese. This includes enabling paid-up PDEF members to take part in elections to the CEEC, passing information from the CEEC to PDEF members as required, and passing issues of concern from the PDEF to CEEC as necessary.

  • Both through CEEC and more generally, to encourage a wider vision and foster relationships with others in the Anglican Communion and other denominations.

  • Publish and make public statements, when and as appropriate. 

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